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About Sim's Home Improvement

Your home is your big asset and it is a part of your life. As homeowners ourselves, we know that home-owners may be experiencing uncertainty on the cost and quality of work when it comes to home repairing, remodeling and/or additions. SIM'S here, in the community, for good people "you", "Your Home Improvement Needs".

"Improve Your Home, Improve Your Lifestyle"

Improve your lifestyle is started from your home, your family and so on. SIM'S Home Improvement's mission is to improve your home, so along the way, your lifestyle will be improved. To accomplish the mission, our goall is first to contract with you to improve your home to fit your lifestyle.

Our Business

SIM'S has been in business for years. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your satisfaction which you have been or will be experiencing, we believe, in turn will bring us referral customers one after the other. A simple approach for guarantee your satisfaction is, have it done right !! , 4Right's:

4R's Value are; Right Price, Right Materials, Right Building Codes, and Right Quality of Works.

Our Structure

Supervisor, Boreth R. Sim

Foreman, Siyon Ou

Treasurer, Pisithpulak Sim

Who We Are

SIM'S Home Improvement is licensed, registered and insured as a general contractor. We are at 60 Middlesex St. Lowell, MA 01852.
Tel: 1-978-452-7467,
Cell: 1-978-420-8551.,
Register #: 153685 (CORPORATION; Major Sim Enterprise, Inc.), Insured by The HARTFORD and Granite States Insurance Co.

We team up by the quality and expert people such as; Boreth Sim,  Siyuon Ou, and Jason Chau.

Mr. Srey is very good at (expert on) interior works; flooring, drywall etc.. He has been working many years in the area of his expertise

Mr. Ou is very good at (expert on) exterior works; roofing, siding etc.. He has been working many years in the area of his expertise.

Mr. Chau is very good most of the Home Improvement Works for many years

Contact Info

SIM'S Home Improvement
60 Middlesex Street. Lowell, MA 01852 United States
Ph: 978-452-7467
Fax: 978-452-7467
Alt: 978-420-8551